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New Shakira CD sure to make you shake

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Image courtesy of Shakira's Facebook

Image courtesy of Shakira’s Facebook

The “She Wolf” whose singing started off in 2014 with a chart topping single, “Can’t Remember to Forget You” (feat. Rihanna), released her 10th album simply entitled “Shakira” on March 24. Since the 1990s, the Colombian singer and dancer has built a fan base that has made her name one of the biggest in pop music. Monday night’s release proves that Shakira’s incomparable sexy Latin style isn’t about to make an exit off the world music stage quite yet.
The past few years have contained big milestones for the 37-year-old singer. Not only is she about to mark four years with boyfriend Gerard Piqué, but the couple also welcomed a baby boy last January. Before listening to her new album, fans can’t help but wonder how these parts of Shakira’s personal life have affected her music.
After listening to the twelve-track album, it seems that they have, but only for the better. Bringing an interesting mix of heartfelt songs with upbeat hip-shaking-worthy ones reminiscent of our Shakira in the ages of “Oral Fixation” and “Laundry Service,” Shakira still impressed wit
h her rich and fun mix of music in this 10th album. The fact that by Monday night her album was already No. 1 on iTunes in 60 countries should certainly prove that point.
Some of the quieter, ballad-like songs on the album like “You Don’t Care About Me” and “Broken Record” sound similar and may catch the listener off guard if they expect the whole album to be extremely upbeat.
The inevitable song dedicated to her happy little family, “23,” is sweet, but not the high point of the record. Some of the lyrics are a little unoriginal, though this small weakness can be looked over thanks to the power of other songs on the album. The real make-you-want-to-turn-the-volume-up-and-put-the-car-windows-down-songs are “Dare” (La La La), ‘Empire,” “Spotlight,” “Medicine” (feat. Blake Shelton) and “The One Thing.”
“Dare” has an irresistible, danceable beat that brings the scene of a Latin American club to mind while “Empire” is an irresistible anthem whose music video released also on Monday with the rest of the album. “Spotlight” and “The One Thing” have strong guitar rhythms that bring a new rock ’n’ roll sound to her music and put the spotlight on her full-bodied voice.
These are definitely worthy of belting in the shower or into your hairbrush. Perhaps the most interesting song from “Shakira” is “Medicine,” which involves the collaboration of country star and co-judge on The Voice, Blake Shelton. Whoever thought Shakira could be categorized in that genre? Or perhaps a better question is what type of music can’t she sing? Their duet is emotive and fun, as it overlaps distinct voices into a blend that only country music can achieve.
“I don’t reach for the bottle of whisky / No you won’t see me popping pills / ‘Cause if I want the pain to go away / In a second make it fade / You’re the only thing that will / You’re my medicine.”
Given the early spring release date, with any luck these will be the sounds of summer 2014. On the radar of the music industry since as early as 1995, 19 years and going strong, Shakira isn’t finished with us yet.
It’s always comforting to know that some things never change; Shakira mixes things up slightly with her incorporation of rock and country in her new album, but continues her legacy of what her fans recognize as distinctly Shakira – the “She Wolf” we know and love whenever, wherever.

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