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  • ‘Unicorn’ spotted at SLU

    ‘Unicorn’ spotted at SLU

    Starbuck’s Frappuccino review Every so often, large brands like Starbucks will capitalize on a social media trend. Colorful unicorn-themed products have been taking all the social media platforms by storm, with different companies showcasing everything from makeup to clothing to ice cream sundaes in the mythical animal’s swirled pink, purple […]

  • The Frost campus: Name origins and changes

    The Frost campus: Name origins and changes

    While registering for classes in Banner, talking to an old professor or looking at an old map, one may encounter references to the Frost Campus. The name is symbolic for something that the university would like to move on from, and that is why it is less and less referred […]

  • Let Us Introduce You: Juan Barzallo

    Let Us Introduce You: Juan Barzallo

    As a graduating senior, Juan Barzallo took some time to reflect on his time here at SLU. He pared down his extensive involvement in extracurricular activities from 15 to six after his freshman and sophomore years. “Juan, his freshman year, wanted to do everything, he wanted to be everything,” said […]

  • Debate ensues over Knights of Columbus charter

    Debate ensues over Knights of Columbus charter

    Questions about religion, gender and SLU’s identity as a Catholic Jesuit institution flared up at Wednesday’s SGA meeting when a proposed bill saw the Knights of Columbus — a Catholic organization exclusively for men — facing the prospect of losing their status as a CSO, or chartered student organization. The […]

  • SAB’s ‘Vibe’ looks to future

    SAB’s ‘Vibe’ looks to future

    Lining the Billiken Club and Grill on Monday, April 24, students filled the on-campus restaurant for not only the free cheesy nachos, but also for the karaoke and a cappella showcase organized by the Student Activities Board. Kicking off Vibe, a four-day week of events brought to the staff and […]