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Get a MOVE on… with the ‘Biggest Loser’

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A new year means new resolutions, and Saint Louis University’s MOVE Committee is doing its best to make sure that those resolutions are healthy ones. From Jan. 13 until June 16, the group is hosting a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition for the SLU community in which faculty and staff members can enter to win prizes for losing the greatest percentage of body weight.

A sub-committee of the Human Resources Department, MOVE was established in 2010 and aims to highlight its four main foundations: motivation, optimism, value and engagement. The group provides events that work towards recognizing a balanced life, building a sense of community and promoting a life built around the Jesuit mission.

“Our main goals are to provide a positive, energetic and engaging work environment and to build and foster trust and collaboration among employees,” stated MOVE Committee Chair Megan Mitchell.

Their ‘Biggest Loser’ competition will look to accomplish these goals by inspiring the SLU community to join in efforts for a healthier lifestyle. The event was started in the fall of 2012, first running from the end of September until Thanksgiving. It consisted of groups with 5 members competing against each other and the group that lost the largest percentage of overall body weight won a class session at the Simon Recreation Center. This year, Human Resources Financial Coordinator and MOVE Committee member Terrie Perry is spearheading the competition and looks to enhance the program.

“The purpose of the event is to bring people together and share a common goal, to improve camaraderie and confidence, strengthen self-image and improve everyone’s health and fitness,” said Perry. “We have 114 [people] enrolled … but I would love to see at least 200 this year.”

Last year’s competition consisted of 33 teams and 127 participants and was reportedly successful. The event received positive responses from those involved, and participants even asked for it to return. The MOVE Committee didn’t disappoint, and this year’s competition looks to be a promising event.

“Bottom-line, MOVE is fun,” said Mitchell. “It allows me to interact with people outside of my department and plan events that make working at SLU enjoyable.”

The group’s next event, SLU is Sweet on You, will take place in February and will encourage employees to recognize their co-workers by sending a personalized message and Hershey’s Hug.

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