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A call for aid to preserve Missouri’s state parks

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I have always loved going to parks to relax with friends and family. Whether I am fishing, taking my dog to a dog park, or playing sports and games with my friends, I am always trying to find an excuse to get outside and hang out at the park with friends and family or even by myself. After a rough day, I often drive or ride my bike to the nearest park to walk around and think. Parks are great places to provide a much-needed distraction from our hectic and busy lives.

However, our Missouri State Parks are in danger. Right now, they are in need of $400 million of critical rehabilitation to repair roads, trails, bridges and other amenities. Many parks are struggling to maintain daily operations and have had to cut employees and services. Without a solution to this problem, Missourians may be facing a steep decline in the quality of our state parks, which were recently ranked as some of the best in the country.

It would be a shame to let our state parks fall into disrepair. We need them now more than ever in this time of economic downturn and stress to give us a little break from the real world. That is why I urge our legislators to take a stand for Missouri State Parks. Without their support, it is very possible that future generations will not have the same opportunity that I did to enjoy our parks.

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