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Student Government votes on spot funding bills

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Senators opened up Wednesday’s meeting with concerns about the Ethernet connection for the residents in Reinert Hall. SGA is planning to address this issue in the coming weeks, asking Reinert Hall residents to voice any issues.

Senators vote on a bill during the Wed., Jan. 30 SGA meeting. John Schuler/ Photo Editor

Senators vote on a bill during the Wed., Jan. 30 SGA meeting. John Schuler/ Photo Editor

The senators also addressed bills to provide spot funding for three on campus clubs. First on the agenda was the bill to provide the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with funding of $3,612 to send more members to its annual national conference and competition. The bill passed with a majority vote. A bill was also passed to provide the Indian Student Association with spot funding in the amount of $930 to support the moving of this year’s showcase to Harris Stowe State University’s auditorium. Additionally, the senate decided to pass a bill giving $1,838 to the SLU rocketry club for new charter funds for the rest of the fiscal year.

The SLU men’s club lacrosse team asked for spot funding in the amount of $5,832 from SGA to support the purchasing of new sets of uniforms.

“The club could have reasonably predicted the need of new jerseys,” Vice President of Finance Vidur Sharma said regarding the request. The finance committee also argued that because this could have been foreseen that it was not reasonable to supply the club with emergency funding. The men’s lacrosse representative argued that their roster was larger than expected and that the Men’s Lacrosse Club Association does not allow different jerseys to be worn by the same team so they had to buy them all or buy nothing. The lacrosse team needed 30 home and 30 away jerseys to accommodate each of its members.

“It is too large of a request and would take away from funding for groups with truly unforeseeable events,” Sen. Parry Draper of Parks College argued.

Sen. Nate Klosterman of the College of Education and Social Sciences asked if would there be any restrictions on the use of the money.

“No, no restrictions, but I would caution it because we have $20,000 left and this would take over a quarter of it,” Sharma said.

The senate voted against giving the men’s lacrosse team spot funding.

The assembly then brought up a senate resolution bill regarding annual funding directives that the senate would use in its decisions in regards to the distribution of the student activity fee dollars. Sharma brought up that one of the primary objectives of this bill would help make known the $0 allocation clause that not very many organizations know about. The question was brought up of whether or not this would lessen the value of unforeseeable funding.

“No, because we have lessened the margin of funds in spot funding,” Sharma said. “[We] can put more money in annual funding.”

The bill passed with a unanimous vote.





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