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The goals of this student-produced newspaper are to inform, entertain and protect the Saint Louis University community. It strives to inform through objective news stories, interpretive and analytic news stories that probe deeper than the bare facts, and through judgements made in commentaries, reviews and editorials. Opinions given are solely those of the staff and not necessarily re?ective of all students or of the faculty, staff and administration. It strives to entertain through feature material and through the quality of writing and the design. The University Newsprotects the University community by checking on the institution and keeping individuals accountable.It is the purpose of The University News to report the truth without compromise; to maintain professional, ethical conduct at all times and do provide a balanced, insightful complete perspective on a diverse range of relevant topics.  The University News is dedicated to delivering content that is interesting and informative to the Saint Louis University Community with an emphasis on students at the University.The primary goal of The University News is to be a learning experience and serve as a place where students can put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. The University News should provide each student with an opportunity to participate, learn and develop a unique set of skills that can be applicable to the publication. Members of The University News can learn from the ground up as apprentices.It is important that who and what we are be clearly understood by two audiences in particular: new staff members who need the orientation and our reader critics, who will be better equipped to make judgements if they know clearly what we are trying to do. Members of The University News are expected to be trustworthy, honest and reputable. Any action in violation to these attributes allow for dismissal from The University News staff.The University News believes the right to achieve these goals in an unimpeded way is guaranteed by United States Constitution. At the same time, it acknowledges the professional responsibilities accompanying these rights and adheres to professional codes of ethics.