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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Saint Louis University has a moral obligation to our community and to the environment to transition away from our reliance on coal-based energy. Wind and solar powered energy is becoming more attractive as the prices go down, and as we learn more about the harmful impacts of coal powered electricity. Using clean sources of energy such as wind and solar is not only possible, but necessary to ensure that we are doing all that we can to limit our harmful impact on our natural and social environment. St. Louis has some of the most polluted air in the country, with one of the highest childhood asthma rates in the country. With Saint Louis University’s commitment to public health, social justice, and living out a greater good- investing in clean energy is the next step towards living out our oath.

SLU is making many steps towards sustainability with goals to reduce our energy consumption 20 percent by 2020, installing solar panels, and building refillable water stations. Considering how SLU is taking so many strides towards sustainability, now is the time to create a goal of transitioning and eventually stepping completely away from dirty energy sources. We need to call upon our utility provider Ameren, to provide the city of St. Louis with clean energy sources so that we, and the generations beyond us, can breathe easier.

Students at SLU are gathering to advocate for clean energy on SLU’s campus. Petitions are being collected to show student support for this goal, these signatures will be presented to our student government association so we can pass legislation regarding this issue. If clean energy is something that resonates with you, please send me an email at

Erin Kollar, senior

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