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The University Theatre presents…

The University Theatre presents…

In keeping with Women’s History Month and recent films like “Hidden Figures,” the University Theatre’s upcoming show, “Silent Sky,” by Lauren Gunderson, centers on a remarkable woman, which history has unwittingly and unjustly ignored. “Silent Sky” chronicles the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, a deaf scientist at the Harvard Observatory during the 1900s, whose historic discovery in astronomy was undermined by the lack of respect given to women in scientific areas at that time. The University Theatre’s 2016-2017 theme centers on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with a particular emphasis on working to create connections between these fields and other fields at SLU.

The production of “Silent Sky” at SLU follows in the wake of “Arcadia,” a Tom Stoppard play taking place across two time periods with math as an interconnecting medium. “Silent Sky,” like “Arcadia,” also features women as prominent players in various discoveries in astronomy and mathematicsrespectively—though the attribution of credit in “Silent Sky” is true, unlike that in “Arcadia.” A play interwoven with themes of science, love, perseverance and discovery written with humor and care, “Silent Sky” is sure to be a play worth seeing.

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