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SGA wraps up a year of transition

An honorable farewell: Interim President Bill Kauffman receiving his award from SGA on Wednesday. John Schuler / Photo Editor

An honorable farewell: Interim President Bill Kauffman receiving his award from SGA on Wednesday.
John Schuler / Photo Editor

The Student Government Association held their final meeting of the school year on April 23.

The session opened with a SGA honoring Interim President Kauffman for his leadership during SLU’s presidential search. The bill provided an opportunity for SGA to thank Kauffman on behalf of the student body for his dedication to the university.

In normal business, SGA approved spot funding for the Indian Student Association’s Shakti dance team to compete in San Francisco. Additionally, Bare Naked Statues, the all-male a capella group, received spot funding to compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella in New York City next weekend. The group will be competing against the top eight a capella teams from around the country.

Additionally, SGA ratified the charter and constitution for the National Jesuit Student Government Association (NJSGA). The constitution has already been ratified by 22 of 28 American Jesuit institutions and aims to create a national association of leaders who collaborate on issues affecting students across the country. It will provide opportunities for more formalized communication and networking between student leaders at Jesuit universities.

Senator Drew Roznowski also proposed a new bill to reduce the number of committees due to lack of involvement in several committees. The hope is the reduction will allow for an increase in efficiency and communication across committees. This bill also passed unanimously.

After finishing normal business, President Vidur Sharma gave his last executive report.

He spoke about Senator Claire McCaskill coming to a luncheon on campus in order to discuss sexual assault prevention on college campuses after having some success addressing the issue in the military.

“She was pleased with the procedures we have in place to deal with sexual assault on campus,” he said. “Obviously, we’re not perfect, but based on her perspective in terms of national scale we’re doing the right things.”

Sharma also announced that students should expect “climate survey” coming in the last weeks of the school year, meant to assess the overall climate of campus, from a faculty and student perspective.

President Sharma and President-elect Ann Knezetic will also address the Board of Trustees at the May board meeting. The increased efforts at communication are the result of last year’s dispute concerning the concepts of shared governance.

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