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Goody Cafe has treats and eats

Images by Melena Abijaoude

Images by Melena Abijaoude

Take a mere five-minute walk from the John Cook School of Business and you can find yourself at Goody Cafe, a new spot for bubble teas and Asian cuisine. Goody Cafe opened at the beginning of this year in the bottom of the recently rebuilt 3949 apartment building along Lindell Boulevard. Owner Li Ping Fan also happens to run The Bubble Tea House in both the Galleria and the Chesterfield malls.

On the menu look for popular Vietnamese and Chinese dishes along with an array of somewhat stereotypical Americanized items, such as General Tso’s chicken and crab rangoon. For a more classic dining experience order one of their varieties of pho – a delicious Vietnamese soup combining a rich broth, various vegetables, sliced protein of your choosing and fresh herbs. While some could argue that certain plates are more traditional than others, diners should note that all menu items are cooked fresh to order.

Goody Cafe is also the perfect place to go even if you are not hungry. They offer a large variety of fruit smoothies, slushies and bubble teas that are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or as a sweet finish to a meal. For those of who are not familiar with bubble tea, the drink is a combination of milk, tea and blended fruit that can be served iced or hot. The iced version is usually served with an oversized straw so that the “boba,” or tapioca pearls, on the bottom of the glass can be easily slurped. There is also a selection of ice cream and milkshakes on the menu that make for a delicious treat.

For those in need of a new study spot, the owner, Li Ping Fan, encourages students to take advantages of the free Wi-Fi and the numerous outlets inside of Goody Cafe. They are open seven days a week and accept Billiken Bucks. Their hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fan is currently contemplating extending her hours until midnight in order to accommodate students finishing their work or taking night classes. This reflects her goal to offer quick, simple food for those in a hurry – whether it’s because they need to focus on studying or they only have a half hour lunch break. So make the walk down or even call in your order for take-out from Goody Cafe and explore new flavors served up along with refreshing drinks.


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