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Silly, sappy, and surprising: Super Bowl Commercials were a home run

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Featuring the most popular celebrities, products and values, the tradition of the Super Bowl commercials as a whole captures a snapshot of American popular culture for a given year.
The advertising geniuses of 2014 used a 60-second time slot within a two-minute commercial break to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster with ads that brought tears, laughter and even sometimes disgust.
This year’s commercials can be lumped into two very distinct product categories: cars and everything else. Despite that overwhelming majority of automobile advertisements, viewers saw everything from heartwarming and hilarious to downright bizarre.
Some of the most successful ads utilized funny ideas, animals and most unforgettably, funny people.
Ellen DeGeneres never fails to bring a smile to millions of faces. In the ad for Beats headphones and speakers, DeGeneres showcases her perfect combination of personality and awesome dance moves as she searches for the perfect beat’s modern home.
Audi’s “Doberhuahua” created a hybrid animal so unique and ultimately ridiculous that it even drove animal-loving Sarah McLachlan to lose her temper to the crazed canine. utilized shock value to catch the audience’s attention. Such commercials leave success to personal taste and sense of humor. This year, GoDaddy took an unconventional approach of featuring a female puppeteer quitting her job on air in its first ad of the night, and the second-half commercial featured a stampede of bodybuilders seeking a spray tan.
A celebration of quirky nostalgia brought chuckles to all fans of 90’s culture in ads for Radio Shack and Danon Oikos Greek Yogurt. Leave it to the Full House reunion of Bob Saget, David Alan Coulier and John Stamos to break up even the most sensual of tones with the classic antics of Danny, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse.
With adorable puppies, majestic Clydesdales, a heartwarming storyline and attractive farmers, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad brought smiles to the faces of even the most zealous Bronco fans.
But, at the end of the game, the real-life depictions will resonate in hearts and inspire Americans beyond just the television screen.
Anheuser Bush’s “A Hero’s Welcome” exudes American pride in its depiction of the actual homecoming parade of Lt. Chuck Nadd to his hometown of Winter Park, Fla.
A testament to technology’s power to heal, unite and inspire, Microsoft’s “Empowering” perfectly combines a moving message while relating it directly to the NFL. The ad features former NFL player living with ALS, Steve Gleason, as he narrates the inspirational message to his son using a computer-generated voice.
As they will be televised consecutively throughout the rest of the year, these ads have set a tone that will continue to define, inspire and poke fun at all that 2014 has yet to come.
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