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Super Bowl Storylines

This next Sunday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the (supposedly) best two football teams in all the land: the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, will battle to become the next Super Bowl champions.

There are a number of important facts that make this particular Super Bowl all the more interesting. The clash between the Broncos and Seahawks will pit the best offence in football (Broncos) against the best defense in football (Seahawks).

In addition, this is only the second time in 20 years that the number one seed in each conference is playing for the Super Bowl, defying the trend of relative underdogs playing in the big game.

This is also the first time in the Super Bowl’s history that the game will be played in a cold weather stadium. Usually the game is held in Florida, California or in a climate-controlled dome. However, the old saying goes: Roger Goodell (the NFL commissioner) loves his money, so the game will be played where he damn well pleases.

This game is also interesting for how much money is at play during this game. At last year’s Super Bowl, the reportedly cheapest ticket sold for around $1,500 and a 30-person suite would require someone to shell out $325,000!

Commercials are also a big money business during the Super Bowl, as the biggest companies and advertisers constantly attempt to outdo one another with outrageous and attention grabbing 30-second blurbs. At last year’s Super Bowl, the average 30-second advertisement cost $4 million.

The half time show has become a program all itself with some of the most important musicians around performing during half time. At Madonna’s half time show two years ago, more people watched her performance than the Super Bowl itself. Last year’s performer, Queen Beyoncé, undoubtedly spoiled any other performer’s dreams of having the biggest half time show since JT and Janet. Nonetheless, Bruno Mars will give it a go.

But now, back to the football: this game pits the two most impressive teams of the NFL all year and should hopefully be a game for the ages, one we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren or random passerby on the street many years from now.

The star of the Broncos has irrevocably been the greatest quarterback of all time: Peyton Manning. This 37-year-old NFL player has had a record season, starting it off right with a seven- touchdown performance in the first game of the season and he never really slowed down throughout. Manning finished the regular season with an NFL record 4,577 yards passing and another NFL record 55 touchdown passes. He leads the highest of high-powered passing attacks, flinging the pigskin around to Pro Bowlers Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas, as well as Eric Decker and Wes Welker all with over 60 catches. To put this offensive juggernaut in perspective, no St. Louis Rams player had 60 catches. The rushing attack was also firing, with Knowshon Moreno rushing for over 1,000 yards during the season followed by St. Louis native Montee Ball, who rushed for 559 more.

This attack will face the best defense and best cornerback in the league, Richard Sherman, who set twitter ablaze with his postgame interview with Erin Andrews, stating: “I’m the best corner in the game” and calling 49ers’ receiver Michael Crabtree a sorry receiver and a sheep.

Many of us on the editorial board actually enjoyed Sherman’s comments, as he had the grounds to make those comments and showed a passion not often seen once the final whistle calls. It will be up to Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks’ defense in stopping, or at least containing the Broncos potent offence in order to give second-year quarterback Russell Wilson a chance to win the biggest game of the year.

No matter what happens in the game, there are enough storylines and enough entertainment to make this a Super Bowl worth watching.

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