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Exhibit to celebrate art, human life

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John Schuler/ Photo EditorA piece by Amity Faith Herrera, titled "Reynosa." SFL expects to have roughly 40 pieces on display.

John Schuler/ Photo Editor
A piece by Amity Faith Herrera, titled “Reynosa.” SFL expects to have roughly 40 pieces on display.

On March 24-25, the Saint Louis University Students for Life group will host their third annual art exhibition themed “The Beauty of Human Life”.
“The purpose of the art show, in the most basic sense, is to bring awareness to the awe inspiring beauty of life, particularly human life,” Jessica Pikul, co-chairperson of the event, said. “[It] is basically a celebration of the human story, from the womb to the tomb.”
The SLU Students for Life group works to advocate for “the fundamental right to life, from conception to natural death.” This year’s exhibition will use artwork to express the beauty of all stages of life.
“It is our intent to help educate others about pro-life issues through the beauty of art,” Patrick Grillot, president of SFL, said. “We hope to evoke thoughts and images of beauty in everyday life from the first moments of life at conception all the way through to the end of life and everything in between.”
The art show was inspired by a gift from a donor who specified that the money should be used to fund a sustainable and educational event.
“[The whole Students for Life group] brainstormed ideas as to what kind of events would put the money to best use, and we came up with the art show,” Internal Vice President Caitlin Simmonds said.
The show also functions to present the culture of life through a more unorthodox manner using the artwork of SLU students and members of the broader St. Louis community.
Both students and non-students were encouraged to submit pieces for the show, so long as they pertained to the “beauty of life” theme.
This year’s exhibition expects roughly 40 art pieces to be displayed.
This year’s show includes a special edition of work from patients at the Crisis Nursery in St. Louis. Students for Life members performed service work with the children at  the nursery and assisted them in painting their own pieces  for the show.
“The goal [of our visit] was to try and bring in other artwork that would enhance our message of the beauty of human life,” Pikul said.
The art exhibition will take place in the Busch Student Center, room 253, starting Sunday, March 24, from 12-8:30 p.m. and continuing on Monday, March 25, from 9:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.. At the close of the exhibit there will be  an awards reception. The top three artists will be presented with accolades and cash prizes.
Four professors from the art department judged this year’s pieces based off of the quality of work and their relation to the “beauty of human life” theme. An expected 50-100 people will be in attendance at the award ceremony.
“I hope that a lot of people have the time to stop in, even if just for a few minutes, and walk away with a greater appreciation of not only their own life but also the lives of others,” Simmonds said.

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