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Men’s Soccer season comes to a heartbreaking double overtime end

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Heartbroken; that word is often used in sports, but after Fairleigh Dickinson’s Jack McVey double overtime goal knocking the Saint Louis University men’s soccer team out of the NCAA Tournament, heartbroken is the only appropriate term to describe the reaction of the men’s soccer after the golden goal.

The Billikens were in shock on the field, head down, angry, sad, and had realized that their season is over. The Atlantic 10 champions and overall No. 8 seed  were stunned at home in double overtime against the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights 2-1 at Robert R. Hermann Stadium.

“You never want your season end, but it is going to sometime and today we left it too late,” midfielder Alex Sweetin said.

The team had a hard fought battle in the first half, but neither team scored a goal leaving the game scoreless at halftime.

The Knights broke through with the first goal in the 56th minute as Jan Aubert scored the goal and he was assisted by Antony Moore. The Bills responded in the 73rd minute on a header by Robbie Kristo.

The game was tied at 1-1 going into overtime.

The Bills applied a lot of pressure in the first overtime, but could not get a goal. The team had a few opportunities, but could not put it away.

In the second overtime the Knights had a one-timer after the Bills thought there was a foul against Michael Robson, but play continued as Antony Moore crossed the ball into the box and Jack McVey headed into the net to end the match.

The Bills season is over.

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