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Drugstore cosmetics create an affordable autumn look

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As the seasons change, so do the outfits. Peep-toed wedges are swapped for fashionable booties and light, airy scarves for cable knit, chunky options to stay warm in the season’s most unpredictable weather.

The same thing can be done when it comes to makeup.

Fall fashion brings in a new, fresh palette to play with, which makes it the perfect time to experiment with colors that may have been too bold in the past.

Now is the time to rock the sultry red lip or pop a gorgeous plum or emerald green into the eye makeup routine.

According to a post on fashion guru Lauren Conrad’s blog, this season’s colors are all about rich jewel tones; think burgundies, emeralds, sapphires, plums and fuchsias. Mixing these colors into your wardrobe will instantly update your look.  If done in the right way, these colors can also be very complementary in a makeup routine, without looking clown-like.

This can be easily accomplished without changing much of your routine or breaking the bank. While you may already have a cluttered makeup bag, feel guilt free yourself into a few new products that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to indulge yourself at Nordstrom’s makeup counter to snag brands such as Landome or Channel, go right ahead; penny-pinchers and thrifty college students can’t find more cost-efficient ways to achieve the newest makeup trends without breaking the bank.


Affordable drugstore items

Going to the local Walgreens, I picked up three products to help spruce up my cluttered but boring makeup bag. To stick with a college student budget, I spent less than $20, prior to tax.

A Maybelline’s eye palette, L’Oreal Colour Riche lip color and L’Oreal’s nail color, all from Walgreens, work together to create an cost-efficient, on-trend beauty look for the autumn season. (Anne Keppler/Staff Writer)

I first went looking for a new eye palette. There were many fun ones to choose from, but it was Maybelline’s limited edition 10Q Prima Pink palette that caught my eye.

The name doesn’t suit the palate because it is the deep, rich purple that really stands out.   It has four colors that all complement each other, plus a how and where-to-apply diagram on the back. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Maybelline’s eye palette was $6.49 at Walgreens and has a very similar color assortment as does Lancome’s 306 Lavender Grace eye palette that retails for $49.

Next, I looked for a new lip color with warmer undertones.  I picked up L’Oreal Colour Riche lip color in 788 Golden Grape, retailing for $9.99.

Again, the name is misleading; I would rename the product Golden Rose.  This lip product is comparable to Chanel’s ultra wear lip color 30 ROSE MORGANITE, retailing for $34 per bottle.

Walgreens was offering a buy one get one 50 percent off sale on L’Oreal, so I chose my last product smartly— it should be noted these deals can be found often at drugstores and are a real benefit to students on a budget.

L’Oreal’s nail color 500 Violet Vixen was just what I was looking for. With the discount, the polish was only $2.99.

The nail color is not a perfect match, but it is pretty close to Chanel’s LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR retailing for $26 per bottle, which shows quite a heavy discount. This color is sure to pop while carrying a festive fall clutch.

If anyone is doing the math, the products from Walgreens added up to a grand total of $19.47 prior to tax. If I had gone to a department store beauty counter, I would be dropping upwards of $110.

Now that’s what I call smart shopping.


Tips and tricks

If you are going to try a bold eye look featuring a jewel tone, keep the lip color simple and vice-versa.

Also, using deeper eye shades may be difficult and frustrating. If your eyes do not look perfectly symmetrica,l remember to stay calm and blend, blend, blend!

If it is a bold lip that you are after, make sure to check your teeth. You do not want to flash your gorgeous smile only to have people noticing your new lip color on those pearly whites.

As for your nails, make sure to top them off with a clear top coat after applying your favorite fall color.

Deeper shades often show more noticeable chipping. To avoid this, I recommend Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat, which promises to dry any nail color in 30 seconds to ensure a long-lasting wear.

With these products and tips in mind, head to your local Walgreens and start rocking the newest fall makeup trends. By adding a couple fall colors into your makeup routine, your whole look will be complete from head to toe.

People will not only be noticing your outfits, they will be noticing you.

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