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Designers go political: Election season attire for the fashion-conscious voter

With November drawing near and the presidential debates currently in full swing, it seems the world, fashion included, is focused on politics. Whether you’re voting Democrat or Republican— or don’t think it’s anyone’s business who your ballot supports— a variety of wearable political endorsements are available, many created by popular fashion designers.

Democrat? The Runway to Win line features clothing and accessories created by “fashion designers in support of the Obama Victory Fund,” according to the store section of the Barack Obama website. The collection features over two dozen items ranging from the norm (political t-shirts) to the unusual (patterned scarves) to the down-right unheard of (nail polish sets) with prices ranging from $25 (sale) to $95.

The Nanette Lepore scarf from Obama’s Runway to Win collection ($95) shows support and trend-adhering style (Image courtesy of

Designers involved include big-names such as Marc Jacobs, Rachel Zoe, Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy, Derek Lam, Vera Wang, Russell Simmons and others.

Providing clear support, the Marc Jacobs “I Vote Obama” tee from Obama’s Runway to Win collection ($45) sends an obvious message (Image courtesy of

While the general color scheme of the collection is— obviously— red, white and blue, several designers opted for different tints, such as orange-red, burgundy, teal, navy or cream, which provides a range of options that could flatter any skin tone.

Republican? On the other side of the political spectrum sits Mitt Romney’s “Vintage” collection; although not technically designer, the pieces showcase the intended message (i.e. “I’m voting for this guy”) much clearer than some of the ultra-patterned Obama-ware items. The collection features a retro, 1960s-looking eagle logo in classic colors with “ROMNEY 2012” stretched through the middle.

The “Vintage Romney Three-Quarter Sleeve Henley” ($35) showcases Republican support and a comfortable cut (Image courtesy of

If the Woodstock-like font isn’t doing it for you, the Romney website also offers the standard logo tees and an iconic-looking “Believe” T-shirt featuring an outline of the country.

The Romney “Believe” T-Shirt ($30) sends a patriotic message and supports more states ‘turning red’ despite some color confusion (Image courtesy of

Despite the shirt being explained on the site with “Help Mitt turn blue states into red states in 2012 with this ‘Believe in America’ T-shirt”, the “Believe” T-shirt is available in red and three shades of blue.

Still deciding on a candidate? Don’t like the designs offered by your favorite? Want to support involvement as a whole without telling the world who you’re voting for? Well-known organization Rock the Vote fills the fashion void with its designer collaborations.

Rock the Vote is, according to its website, “dedicated to building the political power of young people by engaging them in the electoral process, urging politicians to pay attention to issues that matter to young voters and protecting their fundamental right to vote,” and labels like Kenneth Cole New York and Motel have jumped on board.

The “Rock The Vote Cross-Body Tote” by Kenneth Cole New York ($20) “makes heavy loads easy to carry,” according to its product description, “and it makes registering to vote easy—just use the QR code on the detachable button” for political involvement on the go (Image courtesy of

With items such as an American flag minidress and a tote with detachable QR code that apparently links to voter’s registration information available, it’s possible for the politically involved to show stylish support for involvement in the system— not a candidate.

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