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Shopping by popular vote around campus

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Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and the glow from syllabus week is fading faster than the tans we spent hours working on all summer. After a summer away, it is clear from a quick walk through campus that the Saint Louis University student body has quite a few back-to-school favorites regarding clothing and accessories.

Not to point fingers, but if anyone was curious if the campus bookstore updated their merchandise, look no further than the Griesedieck Hall dining room to see freshmen modeling the new inventory. Most of us are guilty of wanting to sport some SLU blue swag as freshmen — some of us may have even used our Biliken Bucks as a rationalization, then were forced to explain to our parents why they were spent after being on campus for all of three weeks. Whoops.

Another campus favorite? Let’s see if you can guess. It’s printed, colorful and sold at the bookstore. It kind of looks like a diaper bag, but it’s washable and has a lot of pockets. It’s a Vera Bradley tote bag! Even the most fashionable femmes on campus have been known to swap a stylish bag in favor of a more useful tote. Let’s face it— books are clunky and heavy, and we need a bag that can also hold the other accoutrements that frequent our black holes of bags.

If Vera Bradley bags are not pulling down the shoulders, its chi-chi French counterpart is the other trendy choice. The bag is made out of nylon, comes in a variety of colors and styles, has caramel-colored leather straps and goes by the name of Longchamp. The most popular colors on campus look to be navy, chocolate brown, red and black. These bags are incredibly useful but not very sturdy. While the prices are a bit high, I think they’re worth the money because of their versatility.

Aside from the river, St. Louis is not situated near any large bodies of water; yet, boat shoes are become increasingly popular with each new school year. Hopefully T-Pain made some compensation for musically influencing the rise in sales of Sperry Top-Siders. This classic boat shoe is a wardrobe staple for the preppier and frattier members of the student body. However, please refrain from wearing them with socks because, at the end of the day, they are boat shoes and one does not wear socks on a boat. Think about it.

As sons and daughters of Saint Louis University, we are men and women for others. We care so much about the well being of those less fortunate that we let our feet do the talking. With a one-for-one mission and cute new styles, TOMS shoes are in the regular shoe rotation of faculty and students alike.

Beyond the bags and shoes, the wardrobe of the average college student seems to be comprised of the same stock items: jeans, V-neck tees and workout and lounge clothing. These basics are the majority of what one sees when walking through campus, if for no other reason than on-campus living and ample storage do not go hand-in-hand. While most of us remembered to bring something for going out, something for business and something for special occasions, those items are seen in the Quad infrequently at best. I assume this is why teachers look shocked or do not recognize us when, for some reason, we are dressed up for class.

Case in point, a professor was speaking to a student before class started, and when he took attendance, he did not realize it was the same student when he called her name because her hair was styled and she was wearing nice clothes. Whoops again.

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