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Style by neighborhood: Morganford

Tucked in the larger Tower Grove area, the neighborhood of Morganford has its own vibe and scene within St. Louis. This neighborhood offers a wide range of unique features such as the Local Harvest Grocery and South City Scooters, plus well-known bars and restaurants like The Tin Can Tavern and Grille and Plaza Pastries and Donuts.

Visiting these locations won’t be a problem since there is abundant, free on-street parking. Due to its residential nature parking in Morganford is cake compared to other St. Louis shopping districts.

Although the number of eateries outweighs that of the stores there is still plenty of shopping to do while there.

It’s hard to not notice The Vintage Haberdashery with its colorful window display and dangling mannequin legs. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

The Vintage Haberdashery

In the heart of the neighborhood lies a building with mannequin legs hanging out of the second-story windows. Beneath that attention-grabbing display is an equally colorful shop. The Vintage Haberdashery offers peculiar, unique and oddball retro items for sale and rental and is practically a St. Louis staple— the owner recently celebrated the store’s 30th anniversary.

High quality retro party dresses seem to be a specialty of the store. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

Upon entering the store, guests find themselves on the ‘for sale’ side with women’s attire in the front and men’s clothing in the back. According to the store’s website, the decades range from the 1920s to the 1980s. While many item styles are offered there is an extensive variety of colorful tuxedos and lavish party dresses.

The men's selection is equally quirky featuring items like bright orange tuxedos and statement-making hats. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

For one-time uses, holidays and parties, check out the store’s rental side, located to the left upon entering.

The Vintage Haberdashery has a large selection of women’s vintage hats, bags and other accessories. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

The store, which is located on the corner of Morganford Road and Connecticut  Street, was named the 2010 “Best Costume Shop” by the Riverfront Times. To rent a costume customers must, according to the store’s website, pay both a rental fee and a refundable deposit. The rental fee is meant to cover cleaning costs, which is handled prior to and after each checkout.

The nonchalant storefront of Grandma's Attic is as anti-flashy as the inside of the shop. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

Grandma’s Attic

Farther away from most of the bars and restaurants of Morganford hides a small storefront that might go unnoticed to the unprepared eye. Named the 2011 “Best Junk Store” by the Riverfront Times, Grandma’s Attic houses a staggering amount of merchandise. While some may steer away after seeing the quantity, a true bargain hunter ought to know better.

Grandma’s attic carries “everything from glass to swimming pool ladders to clothing to kitchen rugs,” said owner Helen David.

Grandma's Attic receives new stock daily, according to owner Helen David. Julia Christensen / Fashion Editor

David, who started the shop seven years ago in June, offers customers a stock that changes daily and runs off donations. The hours of the store may not be compatible with student life, as Grandma’s Attic is only open 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. But with deals like $1.50 jeans, a bargain advertised in the store’s window, it’s worth waking up early for.

Editor’s Note: While shopping at Grandma’s Attic I managed to uncover a still-in-fashion Banana Republic top in like-new condition as well as unique vintage handbags and quality-made, low-priced kitchen items. Trust me — the deals are there, buried under any and every imaginable item.

Get the look

With the slightly crazy, entirely awesome vintage feel of Morganford any inspired-by look needs to follow the psychotic suit. Start with something extreme, like a brightly colored circle skirt with a pattern. The 1950s silhouette lets you play up your inner pin-up, or you can add accessories from other decades for a look that’s even more eye catching.

The "Silence & Noise Bias Cut Midi Skirt" ($59.00) showcases a 1950s shape and a 1980s pattern (Image courtesy of

Unless you’re extremely tall — in which case, lucky you — try to keep the circle skirt an inch below your knees or shorter if you plan on wearing flat shoes. Any longer requires heels to avoid the stubby leg look.

Add a tucked in, fitted, V-neck top to get the 2012-meets-1957 outfit. Feeling braver? A loose crop top in a contrasting color is unexpected but appealing. This breezy look will feel great on humid Midwestern afternoons and combines trends from multiple decades.

The "Crop Tee" ($17.50) from Victoria's Secret PINK line comes in a wide range of colors; the brave should grab a colorful option to pair with the patterned skirt (Image courtesy of

A simple denim jacket is a no-fuss solution for cold shoulders and won’t outshine the other pieces. Throw on a pair of statement earrings to finish things off; you’ll be perfectly dressed for shopping and drink sipping in this one-of-a-kind location.

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