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Food tastes best in trucks trafficking campus

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It’s not exactly fine dining, but most students and staff would agree that food trucks offer the tastiest ethnic food they have experienced. Food trucks also offer an aspect of the city culture that is hard to find elsewhere. If you want to immerse in the diversity of St. Louis and experience the fusion of the flavors of different cultures, find a food truck in the vicinity of the campus and get in line.

It’s hard to imagine what sort of malicious work of food trucks causes many cities and states to propose a ban. What harm could they possibly have that merits a ban? Of course, California’s proposed bill to place a statewide ban on food trucks was withdrawn because of its vast unpopularity.

Food trucks offer a more authentic ethnic food than most ethnic restaurants. Perhaps this is because of the rustic nature of the food truck itself.

When you go into a restaurant, it’s hard not to be overcome by the formality of the environment and be conscious of those sitting at neighboring tables. Lay down the napkin, fork on the left, knife on the right, and make sure to eat neatly. You wouldn’t want the occupants of the next table to see the noodles slide off the side of your mouth and slop onto your plate, splashing soy sauce into your fancy fine-dining shirt.

This makes the food taste entirely bland, and you probably can’t wait to finish it because eating unfamiliar foreign food can be embarrassing.

Food trucks eliminate all of that trouble. The humble character of a food truck elevates the value of the food itself. Plus, nobody cares how you’re eating it. It is not quite the same as fast food either; it is far more respectable.

You get to watch the preparers of your food toil inside the tiny truck as you eagerly prepare to enjoy it. You get to observe the fresh ingredients, the meticulous and laborious preparation of the food you are about to experience. This adds to the entire experience and value of food.

If there is any industry that does justice to the value and dignity of aliment, it is to be credited to food trucks.

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