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`No Confidence’ Vote Results In Little Action By Board Of Trustees

This past April students of Saint Louis University voiced their discontent over increases in parking rates and the lack of shared governance in the decision-making process of the University.

As for the debate over parking, in the end not much changed. The Student Government Association drafted an alternate parking plan that they handed over to SLU President Lawrence Biondi, S.J. Biondi then presented SGA’s plan to the Board of Trustees.

The parking situation did not change, however. The original parking plan remains in effect.

“Fr. Biondi stated that he and the Board of Trustees reviewed the alternative parking plan, but the Board just flat out rejected that plan,” SGA President Jay Perry said.

“The original plan proceeds as outlined without amendments, short of a subsidy for full-time staff employees,” Parking and Card Services Manager Chris Regan said.

That subsidy gives full-time faculty and staff of who earn less than $25,000 a year a $100 relief from their parking payment. The subsidy will be given automatically to all faculty and staff who qualify minus the rigamarole of any application process.

After the two parking lotteries-the second ended on June 11-most of the parking spots have been assigned. On the Frost Campus, Georgetown, Xavier, Rockhurst, Canisius and the faculty/staff allotment in the Laclede garage have been filled.

Parking spots remain on Fairfield, San Francisco, Lower Olive-reserved and the student allotment in the Laclede Garage.

On the Health Sciences Center campus, Crumpler, Connolly and Schwitalla lots have been filled. Parking spots remain on the Smith, Koch, Flanagan and Nightingale lots.

“For the spaces that remain open, people may continue to sign up throughout the year,” Regan said.

Waiting lists have been established for many of the filled lots, and people continue to sign up for the program.

As for the debate regarding shared governance, the efforts of the SGA did gain seats on the Presidential Coordinating Council. The presidents of the governing bodies for students, faculty and staff-the SGA, Staff Advisory Committee and Faculty Senate-along with one dean, who represents the deans from all the schools of SLU, sit on the PCC with Biondi, presidents and vice presidents of various university administrative departments.

Currently in formation are the Budget Advisory Committee and the Task Force for Shared Governance, Perry said.

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